Behind The Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day honoring lover. It is celebrated annually on 14th February all over the world though, different countries celebrate it in various ways.

In different countries of Europe continent, children sing special song of Valentine’s Day and boys and girls send special card to their favorite person on this day. In the United States of America, people celebrate the Valentine’s Day in the same way but people of different countries of the world send their largest fanciest cards to parents and teachers alongside their beloved one.

In Britain and Italy, this day is observed in an exceptional way. The famous writer William Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet, ‘some unmarried women get up early before sunrise on Valentine’s Day. They stand by the window watching for a man to pass. They believe that the first man who or someone who looks like him will marry them within a year’ but this primitive principles are not on going. Now, open-concerts are arranged in different countries to celebrate this very special day and it is important to cite that the main via of exchange greeting of Valentine’s Day is flowers, specially rose.

In a word, this special day is observed all over world but it is interesting that gist of this day is unknown though different stories of Valentine’s day have been written in various legends and books. Firstly, it is said in ‘world book’ volume no-20 page no-43 that Valentine was an early Christian who made friend with many children. The Roman imprisoned him because he refused to worship their Gods. The children missed him and tossed loving notes between the bars of his cell window on the February 14. So this special universal day is observed on this day.

Someone thinks that this special celebration originated in the Roman feast of Lupercallia, which was held each year on February 15. During this feast, Roman boys and girls drew lots that would pair them off courtship for the following year. Later, this ancient custom becomes associated with Christian martyr Valentine who was killed on the February 14. So, this special day is observed annually.

Again someone emphasizes a matter that, in different countries of the world that the birds chose their mate on this day. So this very special day is bserved to honor love. Someone says 14th February brings springs and he or she that spring is a time for lover. So, this day is celebrated to honor fancy .It is obvious that why this auspicious day is observed is not clear but now a day Valentine’s Day has been regarded as the patron saint of love. If the day is observed for universal love, May compassion, sympathy, integrity, friendship, brotherhood, amour, and love remain in human being of the universe. It’s our main optimism.