English Poems

An amorous night  

The milieu as amorous room
With the beam of moon
Clearly removed gloom,
And flowers want to bloom.
We are in random dream,
No sadness and grim.

Songs of devotee play on
The winds makes catkin
Rock on,
Heart blows over with pleasure
We are drowned
As hunting treasure.

In the opened sky,
Occasionally some birds fly;
A bucolic tone comes propelling,
Rhythmic minds dance and sing.

The hoarfrost getting together-
 On the pinnacle of grass,
 The moonbeam reflect to rime
As a flash,
Single stars suddenly rush!
We say at once
Be quiet and hush!


The saint valentine’s

Get the love in your favor
This is the time of bartering amour
No punishment, no fine
This is the day of valentine.

Love is one, making beauty
Except it, life is faulty
Don’t get fault, don’t mind
This is the day of valentine.

Search the means of loving clue
That makes life glue
Don’t be sorry wasting time
Cause, this is the day of valentine.

Realize other sorrow and need
Less eat and more feed,
Give up sorrow in lighting time
Cause, this is the day of valentine.

My beloved person

Oh my beloved person
Don’t you know?
Wherever you are
My heart be also there.

But why, why and why-
Would not be mine?
Have you not compassion?
Truly in your heart
There is no shine.

After that
I am not going to failure,
I would give you amour-

Merely come to know
Wherever you are
My heart be also there.

Ode on wacky fever

Oh! Wacky fever;
I request you
Please be cool
And come never.

Now I should struggle
But why disturb me?
And make me tremble.

Oh! Wacky fever
I request you deeply
Don’t have a tally
And come never.

Oh! Wacky fever
When I want to be good
You excel your mood
I want to sleep
You make me rapt
I think, good you are
But you-
Don’t change your behavior.

Oh! Wacky fever
I request you, come never
If you do never
I will be grateful-
To you forever.

A little love

Don’t be sad,
It’s a love
Between jill and lad.

It’s not fucking
Just a sucking
No not kissing.

Comprising a team
Having ice-cream
Taking the orts
The scene is the best.
No, not it is rare
It’s an amour.